A new release of BumpyWheels is coming soon and we are very excited to introduce  a new gameplay mode.

One Button gameplay. We replaced the current controls with a one button style gameplay. Accelerate  by pressing the button, slow down by releasing it. And although it sounds simple, the challenge and fun is much bigger than the traditional controls. We have lots of fun testing the new gameplay.


Of course if you want you can still play in classic mode via a switch in the options screen.




We are looking at a 3D version of Bumpy Wheels. Still in a preliminary fase and not sure.

Alerts News

iOS9 and BumpyWheels

There have been some changes with the new Game Kit api’s in iOS 9. This totally destroys the game. We are currently looking into what are the exact causes of the problems and are going to try to fix them.

*** UPDATE *** Issues are fixed in the latest release.


New update is in the AppStore for iOS 8

W00t. Bumpy Wheels now running on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.


iOS 8 & Bumpy Wheels

There are issues with Bumpy Wheels and iOS8. Expect an update soon.



So how is everybody enjoining the update? You already got your bonus diamonds by posting Facebook or Twitter?

Now if you got anything to ask or want to give some Feedback, please use the Feedback form. I will be glad to hear from you.




Update is here!

Version 2.0 of Bumpy Wheels is released!!!

-iCloud synchronization;
Your scores are now synced to the iCloud. So no more loss of high scores and your scores are shared across your devices (can be switched off in the options screen).

-Facebook/Twitter bonus;
Once in a while you get the option to make a tweet or create a Facebook message and earn a in game bonus (can be switched off in the options screen).

-Level choice screen now shows scores.
So you can easier choose what scores to improve.

-Minor fixes and adjustments (diamond colours for better contrast, Game Center updates improved, friendlier looking purchase screen etc. etc.)



Update expected 22 august

The next update of Bumpy Wheels is expected 22 august. With a new level choice screen so you can immediately see which scores to improve to get a higher Game Center Score.


Level keuze scherm


TIPS and Feedback

If you have any awesome tips please provide them and I will post them in this news/tips section.

Any other feedback like comments or questions are also welcome !




Next version: iCloud score synchronization

Ok,  so already working on the next version with iCloud score synchronisation. Your scores are being kept and get synchronised over all your devices in the iCloud. So no more need to replay levels to get to that top score 😀